Explore our array of materials, from luxurious 18kt yellow gold to white gold, and select the perfect gemstone to adorn your pendant. Add a personal touch with our engraving option, creating a truly unique piece that reflects your style and sentiment. Start crafting your one-of-a-kind pendant today.
  • My Heart

    Crafted with exquisite detail, each pendant embodies timeless romance. Ideal for cherishing love, explore our collection to ignite passion.

  • My Flower

    Each pendant blooms with delicate elegance, symbolizing love and admiration. Explore our collection for timeless romance.

  • My Star

    Radiating cosmic beauty, each star-shaped pendant symbolizes timeless romance. Illuminate your loved ones' uniqueness with our captivating stars.

  • My Expression

    Each letter embodies our brand DNA with playful creativity, symbolizing your unique identity. Explore this stylish showcase of personality and let your pendant spell out your story with charm

  • My Expression Small

    Each letter is a playful embodiment of our brand DNA, showcasing your unique identity. Let your pendant spell out your story with charm.

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  • Yellow Gold

    Timelessly elegant, our 18kt yellow gold collection combines rich allure with enduring sophistication. Each piece, crafted to perfection, exudes classic charm and lustrous warmth, making it a timeless addition to any ensemble.

  • Rose Gold

    Radiating modern romance, our 18kt rose gold collection captures timeless beauty with a delicate blush hue. Each piece, crafted with finesse, adds a touch of femininity and grace to every look, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

  • White Gold

    Elevate your style with our 18kt white gold collection, blending contemporary appeal with timeless elegance. Each piece, crafted for a cool, luminous sheen, effortlessly complements any outfit, reflecting understated luxury for the discerning wearer.

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  • January

    Garnet, like a fiery passion burning brightly in the depths of winter's chill.

  • February

    Amethyst, a symbol of love's enduring strength, nestled in the heart of winter's embrace.

  • March

    Aquamarine, reflecting the gentle hues of spring skies, whispering promises of renewal and hope.

  • April

    Diamond, sparkling like the laughter of lovers dancing in the April rain.

  • May

    Emerald, a verdant token of eternal devotion, as timeless as the blossoming of spring.

  • June

    Alexandrite, a captivating stone that transforms from green to pink, mirroring the enchanting transitions of love's journey through time.

  • July

    Ruby, ablaze with the passion of summer's heat, igniting hearts with its fiery allure.

  • August

    Peridot, shimmering like sunlight on a summer's day, evoking warmth and vitality.

  • September

    Sapphire, capturing the deep blue hues of September nights, where love knows no bounds.

  • October

    Tourmaline, a mesmerizing array of hues, reflecting the enchanting mysteries of autumn's embrace.

  • November

    Citrine, radiating the golden warmth of November's glow, illuminating paths of love and gratitude.

  • December

    Tanzanite, reminiscent of the enchanting depths of December nights, a precious gemstone radiating rare beauty, capturing the essence of the holiday season's magic.

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Your Engraving

Add a personal touch by having your message elegantly inscribed on the back of your pendant. Our engravings are all in straight line.Engraving is limited to the available space. We offer a single font style in bold letters and a selection of symbols.

Our Symbols

Personalize your jewelry with our array of engraveable symbols, each carrying unique significance. Craft a cherished keepsake that resonates with your story.

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